Beautiful custom homes for the coastal environment when quality matters most.

LaMont Builders Inc. has been building Fine Custom Homes In Lincoln County since 1978, and can help you with whatever you need, including:

- Residential
- Commercial
- Difficult sites
- Unusual construction
- Fine crafted interiors.
- A Full range of construction services

"Quality is the best value". When you build your home it should be a dream come true. You want quality with no surprises, no one telling you "you can't do that". Paul LaMont believes that anything is possible.

Construction on the Oregon coast demands experience. The geologic conditions and high wind zones require more engineering than anywhere else. The coastal weather and marine environment test every product and design to their limits. There are no "good enoughs", only what works and what fails.

Paul LaMont knows you have questions and is here to help

About Us

  •  35 years of general contracting experience here in Lincoln County
  •  43 years in the construction trades gives LaMont Builders, Inc. un-paralleled insight into coastal construction, cost estimating and value engineering.
  • Established a county wide reputation for our attention to detail and for providing quality service to our customers.
  • Last 20 years, all of our projects have been in Lincoln County, using primarily Lincoln County
  • Established relationship with local suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • Member of the Lincoln Co. Home Builders Association for over 25 years, two of those years in the role of president.
  • Active in employee training, consumer education, and in doing volunteer projects in the community.
  • LaMont Builders, Inc., as a licensed and bonded local construction company,
  • Experience and skills to provide the General Contractor services our customers require.
  • Your project our priority, and would dedicate our staff to the safe and timely completion of your project.